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The Gift of Peace of Mind...

Clínica Tepeyac has made tangible changes to the lives of thousands of Colorado families in its fifteen year history of providing healthcare services to the underserved. At this year's Fiesta on the Plaza, guests heard the personal story from one of our patients, Oscar Padilla, of his health scare and how the staff at Clínica Tepeyac took care of him. Read on as we share Oscar's story, translated from Spanish, of fear and unknowing transformed into gratitude and peace of mind.

"Hi, my name is Oscar Padilla and I am a patient of Clínica Tepeyac.I am very grateful to them because one day I was not feeling so well and I was worried about myself. I called and made an appointment. When I arrived to my appointment I was feeling even worse so they doctor sent me right away to get an echocardiogram. They did the test to see if there was something wrong; if I had a heart attack. There was something wrong with me and immediately they helped me to make an appointment at St. Joseph Hospital. The next day I went to the appointment at St. Joseph and thank God that everything had passed and I was okay."

"I must say thank you to Clínica Tepeyac for the movement they did for me and for being concerned and taking care of me. I also thank all the people that give donations, because thanks to them the clinic can continue going forward. I hope the clinic can keep working and moving forward because there are people like me that do not have many resources and need the help at various times every year. We have never been told that we could not come here and we have felt your support. So I thank you all very much and may God bless you."

Imagine believing that you are having a heart attack and then imagine not knowing where to go for treatment because you don't speak the same language and you don't have the financial resources to see most doctors nor do you own a vehicle to get you there.

Now, imagine a safe haven medical clinic where you can call and everyone treats you like an honored guest, speaks yourlanguage and listens as you explain that you feel like you're having a heart attack. Then they spring into action getting you in for prompt same-day medical care. Once you're at this medical clinic, the physician immediately gets you the appropriate tests and then backs up his findings through a local hospital where you're sent the very next day. They confirm that while you do have a medical condition, you did not have a heart attack.

Imagine that this was all taken care of in a professional and respectful manner where the staff explained things to you in your language and where the fees were affordable because you don't have a lot of money nor do you have health insurance.

This is the gift of peace of mind that Clínica Tepeyac gave to Oscar Padilla. For thousands of Spanish-speaking, low income, uninsured Coloradans, this safe haven is Clínica Tepeyac. Our staff and volunteers take great pride in providing peace of mind for patients like Oscar and can only continue their work because of our generous supporters.