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Dr. Miranda, one of our long-time volunteers, recently shared the story of a patient named Stephanie who was suffering from a severe case of type 1 diabetes. When she first arrived at Clinica Tepeyac, she had experienced dramatic weight loss (over 50 lbs. in a six month period). Along with her rapidly deteriorating physical condition, Stephanie was also diagnosed with cataracts in both eyes. Dr. Miranda mentioned that when he first met with her, he was struck by the fact that she was virtually blind and was only able to make out shapes.

Stephanie is only 14 years old.

Within a relatively short period of time, after being treated by Dr. Miranda and our medical staff, Stephanie's health began to dramatically improve. She began to gain weight and the other diabetic symptoms began to subside. Despite this major progress, the unresolved issue of the cataracts and resulting blindness still had to be addressed. With her overall health condition now stabilized, Stephanie was referred to an eye surgeon, who for years has provided his services at a reduced rate for Clinica patients. Once the cataracts were removed, Stephanie's vision rapidly returned to normal.

Fast-forward now to two weeks ago when Stephanie arrived for her most recent check-up, now at a healthy weight, with 20/20 vision and back in school as a high school freshman!