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Patient Stories

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Karla Casanova

In March of 2010, Karla was seen at Clínica Tepeyac, complaining of severe, debilitating headaches. Karla, a single mother, had not been able to work for more than a year and was dependent on her mother and eight year old daughter for her care. After being treated at Clínica she was referred to our partner hospital for an MRI.

The MRI revealed that Karla had a golf-ball size tumor on her brain and that she would require two surgical procedures to remove the tumor. Subsequent to the successful surgical procedures, it was further determined that she would require a monthly dose of a medication (at a cost of $2000 per dose) over a year’s time that would insure that the tumor would not return. Clínica’s staff, along with providing Karla’s follow up care, was instrumental insuring that Karla received the necessary financial assistance to cover the cost of her required medications.

Karla has stated that, as soon as she returns to full health, she intends to pursue a career in nursing so that she can give back to her community and so that she can support others that are dealing with similar health challenges.